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Turn leads into paying customers

Engaging your Audience with Email Marketing

Jumbuk Digital is a full service Wirral email marketing company. We help small businesses maintain a consistent and engaging relationship with their customers through high-impact, customer-centric email newsletters. We create a tailored email marketing strategy for your business, including a wide range of services from content writing and design, through to comprehensive reporting and analytics.
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Lead Generation

Email marketing is a great way to generate new customers whilst retaining your current ones too.

Capturing a potential customers email address whilst they browse your website can help increase traffic and sales over time, but it is also great for building brand awareness.

Jumbuk Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

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Focused Newsletters

Do you want more people to see your latest offers and promotions? A weekly or even monthly newsletter can help you grow a strong fan base and allows customers to see the “real you.”

We help you develop strong email campaigns that reaches the right audience and allows you to engage with your customers.

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Supporting Small Businesses

Growing your Small Business Online

Starting an online business can be daunting. An unbelievable amount of questions run around your head and erratic Google searches try to help you to solve the problem.

The majority of our clients started just like you. An already small business with little to none online presence. Some even an idea. If you would like to unleash your businesses online potential we are here to support.

Making your customers feel wanted

Personalised Emails

Making a customer feel more than just another consumer is a huge factor in developing your brand.

Personalised emails allow you to connect with every individual customer.

Growing a fan base with personal emails helps generate new and more sales while helping grow a strong brand reputation.

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Improve your ROI, no matter your industry

Drive Sales

Did you know that Email Marketing generates the greatest ROI. Research shows that on average, for every £1 spent, emails return £35.41.

Email Marketing Packages

Here at Jumbuk, we pride ourselves on total price transparency. Our email marketing packages are available for everyone to see!


Do you need a pen?
£ 49* Monthly
  • 5 Monthly Emails
  • Campaign Creation
  • Email Design
  • Monthly Reporting


Stamped with Wax
£ 99* Monthly
  • 10 Monthly Emails
  • Campaign Creation
  • Email Design
  • Monthly Reporting


Special Delivery
£ 199* Monthly
  • 20 Monthly Emails
  • Campaign Creation
  • Email Design
  • Monthly Reporting