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Full Website Analytics Integration

Tracking your visitors through analytics

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Analysis of Traffic

Analysing the traffic you have already gained is a major part of your strategy.

We will look at how your site is currently running.

If you haven’t got analytics already set up, not to worry, we can implement this for you.

We will look at potential points of your site were there is room for improvement.

We will work this alongside your other marketing strategies to get the least loved pages improved.

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Our Strong Points

Tracking Visitors
Tracking Conversions
Locating Visitors
Identifying Top Content

Website Trends

Your analytics tells you a lot about how your website is getting on.

We will look at the trends of traffic over the months including gender, country, growth and much more.

We will then work this data across your other marketing strategies and continue the growth of your site.

Most websites gain most traffic through their homepage, however not always.

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Supporting Small Businesses

Growing your Small Business Online

Starting an online business can be daunting. An unbelievable amount of questions run around your head and erratic Google searches try to help you to solve the problem.

The majority of our clients started just like you. An already small business with little to none online presence. Some even an idea. If you would like to unleash your businesses online potential we are here to support.

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End of Month Reporting

The end of each month is always an exciting time.

To start its payday, but more importantly it is your opportunity to see how much your traffic has improved on last month.

This gives you an opportunity to target your next move for the coming month.

Maybe you have had a dip in a specific category of your website, but maybe you have had a huge spike in other.

This is the time of the month when data is king to improving your site.