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Wirral website hosting to suit your business needs.

Fast, Reliable, Scalable Website Hosting

No one likes a slow website. We utilise the power of cloud hosting that is super scalable. We can help set up your online business swiftly.Here at Jumbuk Digital, we pride ourselves on offering a range of hosting options to suit your business needs.
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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting delivers excellent reliability, performance and scalability to your website.

It entails sharing several servers for storage and processing.

Unlike cPanel, cloud hosting allows you to swiftly accommodate the growth of your website without experiencing downtime.

Jumbuk Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

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Domain Registration

So you have your business and are ready to start developing your brand online.

The first thing you need is your URL.

We help make the experience as easy as possible.

We can help you register your domain and swiftly get your site online without hassle.

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Supporting Small Businesses

Growing your Small Business Online

Starting an online business can be daunting. An unbelievable amount of questions run around your head and erratic Google searches try to help you to solve the problem.

The majority of our clients started just like you. An already small business with little to none online presence. Some even an idea. If you would like to unleash your businesses online potential we are here to support.

Professional Emails

Make your business email more professional. Have you ever wanted

We can offer this service with every hosting plan, making you stand out to potential customers.

No more business emails through Hotmail, iCloud or Gmail.

We can also help link them to your mobile devices to get your emails in the palm of your hand.

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