SEO in 2023 – What you need to know

Jumbuk & SEO in 2023

Jumbuk Digital are a proactive company: we are not explicitly reactive to keyword rankings. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Our predominant focus is on quality website content and user experience.

Whilst SEO in 2023 is an important factor in what we do at Jumbuk Digital, the user experience has to take priority over the long term.

It goes without saying that we always endeavour to deliver SEO to the highest standard, however, there is no long term gain to reacting to keyword ranking on a daily or weekly basis. Keyword rankings fluctuate with such incredible volatility that using them as a metric for the success of your business or enterprise is an exercise in spinning plates. 

Sometimes SEO can feel like painting the fourth bridge: by the time you have finished ranking a client to the top of a particular search engine, your competitors have similarly been focusing their attention on the same thing. Your company will frequently slip above and below them in rankings.

But here is the thing… the method your competitors use to rank up may result in higher rankings for them, but inevitably these can be short-lived and often result in stale, receptive, dull and uninspired content. Although your competitors may be paying unfathomable amounts of money for search engine optimisation annually, in the long run, it will not serve them as a brand.

So while SEO is a focus and something we keep an eye on, it is not something that should be your primary concern. 

Algorithmic Prestidigitation

Like all magic tricks, SEO sleight of hand is apparent to real buyers and real customers.

Sure, you can aggressively use repetitive phrases in order to placate the algorithm gods, but at the end of the day, a potential customer will see exactly what you are doing, leaving them with a sense of discomfort and often mistrust.

Users of the internet have become incredibly savvy. Customers know what clickbait is. They want to click on a website and think “actually this is easy to read; this is an article that grabs my attention, this is solid information”, and that is what matters. 

You will always get high ranking companies that have used SEO as a crowbar to leverage themselves to the top of Google. We only work with clients that are interested in growing their business organically and we encourage you to focus your attention on a high level of service and passion for your brand.

Quality service and quality content are the things that will turn your side hustle into commercial muscle. 

A Watched Kettle Never Boils

When you constantly inspect your rankings with paranoid diligence you will never find any satisfaction with the work that any search engine optimisation company might do for you.

For example, if your company is fortunate enough to sell CUSTOM CRYSTAL SNOW GLOBE BASES you may, in all likelihood rank consistently number 1 for all your keywords for a long period of time. But most companies won’t be in the position to SEO an entire niche market and there WILL be competition.

You will have competitors who are obsessed with SEO in 2023. As a result fluctuations in your rankings are inevitable. 

I am often asked for monthly and sometimes weekly SEO ranking reports. In the first six months of your campaign with Jumbuk Digital, you are unlikely to see some incredible search engine ascendency. Your time and your focus MUST be on quality and consistency because, in reality, this is not a 100m sprint; your business is a marathon.

If you are determined to pursue a vigorous SEO route in 2023 for your business you might expect to pay an agency an hourly rate of anywhere up to £150. I would advise your time (and money) to be better spent building your business into a credible and trusted enterprise with longevity and brand awareness.

Needless to say, we will consistently monitor SEO and advice you on possible ways to increase and hold high-ranking positions. We will always ensure you stay in the game with diligent copy editing and site error fixes. Our primary focus is on the quality of your business and its inevitable client growth. 

Google Is A Machine Not A Customer

If you want to improve your rankings, remember that Google is not one of your customers. If you want great SEO results then focus all of your attention on improving your messaging, and your service and operating a website that is a pleasure to visit and use.

You may have what you consider to be a fool-proof ranking strategy but it only takes Google to make a small change to the algorithm and your strategy is tanked. What we need to do is create an incredible user experience that negates these wild fluctuations and simply gives the customer what they need and what they deserve.

Jumbuk Digital will keep you updated on SEO when we feel there is a need to tell you. Please do not let SEO in 2023 be your “be-all” and “end-all” because you will never be satisfied. If your eyes are turned towards SEO your competitors will be running away with better quality content and services.

SEO is A game, but SEO is not THE game. The real game is user experience, quality, brand trust and credibility. This is what we provide. End results are our focus, not weekly results. Ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years, not 5 weeks.

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